May Cause Miracles: Week #1

I’m the one who said there were no rules right?

Well my friends, I spent 7 days on Day #1!!!  Apparently witnessing my fears was harder than expected.

First off let’s focus on what I LOVED about my first week.

  • The process of trying to figure out my fears and witness my thoughts, feelings and reactions made me really have to dig deep.  I had to think about WHY I was feeling or thinking a certain way and I had to look at what my reactions were to different situations.  It was an eye opener for me to realize how out of touch I can be with myself on any given day.
  • The affirmation:

I am willing to witness my fear.

I found this super powerful.  Every time I read it or said it to myself, I felt like I was recommitting to ME.  I am still using this affirmation on a daily basis as I find it super empowering.  Putting alarms in your phone is a GREAT idea!  And it works!


Now let’s talk about what I STRUGGLED with during my first week.

  • Paying close attention to my thoughts and reactions throughout the day and taking note of them.  I found it difficult to focus on this task for the whole day.  I kept struggling to remember certain things about my day or how I was feeling.  One of my normal struggles is finishing what I start.  I am great at starting a project, but not so great at finishing it.  Actually the more I think about it, maybe there is an underlying fear here that I am ignoring 🙂
  • Being honest with myself about where certain feelings were coming from.  Digging deeper can bring things up that have been buried for a really long time and been buried for a reason.
  • Prioritizing time for ME.  I think this is a major problem for a lot of people.  I know for myself, I want to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of before me.  Sometimes when that is over, I want to sit and stare at nothing for a few minutes.  Although this sitting and staring at nothing time could be used for meditation, journaling etc. It would be better to do these activities without being mentally and physically exhausted.

    So in response to my lack of focus this week I have given myself ONE rule:

For the next few weeks I MUST schedule TWO sessions of ME TIME into my week.   This will allow me to stay on a lesson for more than one day if needed and it will give me an achievable goal to work towards.  I am hoping that I end up doing much more than twice a week as I get more focused and less frazzled but this is an attainable goal to start with.

There will always be a million things on the go and even more so right now.  Between spending time with my family and friends, doctors appointments, juicing, researching different treatment options and taking a closer look at myself spiritually and emotionally, I tend to over commit myself.  So now I am planning a super fun road trip to Salt Spring Island with my son, my best friend and her daughter.  We leave Sunday!!  I am going to relax, take life in and enjoy every moment of it while continuing my May Cause Miracles journey!

Stay tuned for a look into our Road Trip when we return!!

Here is a quick look at the upcoming blog posts you can expect:

  • Sawyer & Moms Garden Project.
  • Sneak Peek of our 2015 Road Trip.
  • May Cause Miracles: Week #2 Update.
  • Fundraising Information and where the funds are going.
  • My Treatment Plan.

If you are starting your Course of Miracles journey with me I would love to hear from you about your first week!  How did it go?  Any successes, struggles, things you loved?


6 thoughts on “May Cause Miracles: Week #1”

  1. Lyndsey, you are a brilliant and life-affirming writer and person. I was diagnosed with MS when my daughter was three months old (she’s 8 months now). Your blog gives me a reason to hope and have courage. Thank you so much for all of the gifts you are sharing by allowing us to journey with you!

    1. Your welcome Megan and thank you for following along! I wish you and your daughter nothing but the best and know that although some days will be harder than ever, the good ones make it all worth it. Sending health love and joy your way xoxo.

  2. I just finished reading through your entire blog and I am so moved. You are an inspiring person and I am humbled by your resilience and ability to share your story so truthfully and full of positivity. I truly wish you nothing but the best, and the fullest of days with your family. P.S. I love the recipes for the juices too!

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