Hello Friends…..

It has been a crazy few weeks in our house so I thought for this weeks post I would just give everyone a quick update.  We now have a 2 YEAR OLD, so there have been lots of parties, presents and laughter going on at our house.


In the midst of parties and fun I had my first followup CT scan and there were no big changes which is great news!!  One stable scan and now we are hoping for some shrinkage!  I have started all of the alternative treatments that I am going to be on at this time and for the most part I am feeling awesome.

What is next?  We are heading to BC next week for a little holiday, some Crystal Bed therapy and then my first full body hyperthermia treatment!!  A lot of people have been asking so I will be sure to let you know how it goes.  I will have another scan at the beginning of August to see how we are doing.  Fingers and toes all crossed!

On a personal level I am still focusing my meditations and “me time” on forgiveness.  Both of myself and others.  I hope to feel more at peace throughout this month with everything that I have been working on.  I am looking forward to lots of mini family holidays over the next 3 weeks (Panorama, Salt Spring & Murray Lake all before the end of the month) and then an August/September filled with relaxation and LOVE.

Thank you for all your messages, comments and LOVE over the past couple months.  If you have emailed me and not heard back yet, I promise I have read it and am in the process of getting back to you.  I am still working on being a bit more organized 🙂  The generosity and support that we are receiving daily still blows my mind.  THANK YOU.

Stay tuned for a look at some photos done over the past year with Jayme at The Paper Deer Photography, another May Cause Miracles update and then a health update in August!

Lots of LOVE,