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Some of my goals for this blog are to meet new people, hear your stories and just learn more from everyone.  If you have something to say, an idea to share or you just want to say hello please email me at
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  1. Hi Lyndsay! My name is Josee; I’am Gabriel’s Mom and I live in Alexandria, Ont. I’ve got to know you by your Sister Kay lynn. I just wanted to tell you and your family that our prayers and thoughts are with you. I’ve been reading your blog and your interest for healthy living…it’s just awesome. You are an inspiration for all of us (our family). I worked in the nutraceutical industries for all long time and I agree with you all the way; although I have not been faithful …. to it always. Thank you for opening your heart; you are a very courageous women. You are an inspiration to me. You are right happiness is a daily choice. I know we have not have the opportunity to meet but I feel through Kaylynn, we have. Kaylynn is very special for my family and I. She’s awesome.
    Please let me know if We can do anything for you. Please keep in touch. xoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for welcoming Kaylen with open arms. She truly is an amazing young lady 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and your encouragement. All we can do is take it one day at a time and enjoy all the little wonderful moments that life has in store for us each day 🙂 xoxo

  2. Hey girl…I am so happy for you for having such a strong soul. So many of us are cursed with weakness. You are making things very realistic for everyone who doesn’t understand what you are going through. Your health, like anyone’s is un-predictable , but you male it seem peaceful. I don’t know how you do it Lyndsay but you do. Your calm, nurturing energy is a confort to so many of us. We all struggle with such nonsense. Reading your blog makes no sense why so many of us are bitch in about the little things. Thanks and much love pretty girl

    1. Thank you so much Aimee and yes we all need to be more grateful for the little things in life 🙂 We will be much happier for it in the end.

  3. Hi Lyndsey,
    I just read your blog after receiving an invitation from your friend, Barb Richardson, for a fundraising event she is putting on for you. I LOVE your blog and your whole approach to your health and your life! You are truly an inspiration and you are on the right path. I think it is the right path for everyone, whether we are experiencing illness or wellness. I pray for your restored health and will look forward to following your Blog and the places your are finding inspiration. Below is the link to a book that I found inspiring, called Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani, who was miraculously cured of her fatal cancer after having a near death experience. I am sure you have plenty of resources and books that are providing you with direction and inspiration, but this may be another one. I hope for all the best for you on this journey. I think you are doing the most you could possibly do! Wishing you good health and happiness!

    1. Thank you so much Chantal! I appreciate the recommendation and will look at it for sure. I have been following along with the hay house special they have going on right now where they are sharing a lot of free readings, movies and audio posts. I am really enjoying it!

  4. I love reading your blog Lyndsey. Your garden project sounds wonderful – and i love the pictures of Sawyer in his own private garden! I bet he will be excited to get back to it after a week away. Looking forward to sharing time together Friday nite. Keep up your amazing soul work and great attitude. So many people can learn from you Lyndsey. Love you lots xoxo

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