My Bucket List

I never had a bucket list before but I have come to realize that it is an important thing to have.  So I recently created the one below.  For me, setting goals keeps me on track.  And I love being able to cross items off my self made lists so it is a win-win for me!

Check back here often as I can only imagine I will add to this list and hopefully start crossing some things off it too.

Lyndsey’s Bucket List (in no particular order)

  • Mentor someone
  • Be mentored by someone who inspires me to be better
  • Attend Wanderlust or similar festival. (BLOOM festival booked for October 2015)
  • Get my Masters Degree in……………….
  • Learn to LOVE my cancer
  • Meditate every day for 40+ days (I am on day 7 right now and this is the farthest I have gotten)
  • Start and finish A Course in Miracles
  • Become a certified yoga instructor
  • Travel to San Fransisco, New York, the East Coast of Canada
  • Take Sawyer to Disney World
  • Go on an adults only HOT holiday with Chad and our friends
  • Work for myself
  • Be able to run 5km (comfortably)
  • Make Fitness/exercise a HABIT
  • Take my dad to Fraser Island in Australia
  • Forgive fully
  • Hike the West Coast Trail
  • Hike the Grand Canyon and then White Water Raft at the bottom



3 thoughts on “My Bucket List”

  1. Hi Lyndsey,
    My name is Char Andrew an I am friends with Agnes, Larry and Danielle and Dick and Cindy Dornstauder. We have met a couple of times in the past. I just want to say how much your story has touched me and my family. We are praying for your miracle!
    I’m not sure if you know that I am a fitness instructor, pilates instructor and I train people for triathlons. I looked at your bucket list and noticed that you had a few things on it that I would love to help you with. Think about my offer and get back to me if you feel comfortable. Not sure how you are feeling physically but maybe we can start with something nice and gentle like a mat pilates session.
    Char Andrew

    1. Hello Char, Thank you for reaching out and for your offer! Once we are in a bit of a routine and I have all my treatments organized I would love to see if I could work some gentle fitness back into my day to day activities. I MISS it!! I know how important it is and would for sure take you up on your offer 🙂 I will talk to you soon. Thank you again!

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